Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioners

During the spring and summer, we receive plenty of questions from our customers about air conditioning. With over 50 years of experience in the HVAC field, our technicians are prepared to answer any question you may have. Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive about air conditioners.

Question #1: What Kind Of Air Conditioner Should I Purchase?
This is a tricky one to answer–since it depends on a few factors. Our air conditioning installation and replacement experts do a thorough analysis of your home; from its size, to the duct work, to the hot and cold spots. We’ll discuss your cooling system options and assure the best replacement or installation for your home’s unique cooling needs.

Question #2: What Kind of Air Conditioners Do Not Have An Energy Rating Label?
We understand that energy efficiency is a hot button issue for homeowners. When air conditioning systems do not have energy rating labels, it can be difficult to assess their energy efficiency. Multi-split air conditioners and three phase air conditioners do have these labels.

Question #3: Why Is An Annual Tune-Up Necessary?
It is extremely important to schedule annual maintenance for your air conditioner in the spring. First and foremost, a tune-up will keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency come summer. In addition, it will prevent costly repairs and breakdowns.

Air conditioning breakdowns and problems are not cool. Hiring an experienced company like Air Treatment Company to service your air conditioning system is crucial. Call (703) 270-0881 to have your air conditioning unit serviced by our NATE certified technicians.

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