Frequently Asked Questions About ​Furnaces

Are you a self-proclaimed expert on furnaces? If so, we are very impressed! Most homeowners do not know a great deal about furnaces and that’s okay. We are here to answer frequently asked questions about furnaces.

Question #1: What is the expected lifespan of a furnace?

Answer: Furnaces are not built to last forever. They have an expected lifespan of 15 years. However, a properly maintained furnace can last more than 15 years.

Question #2: How often should I have my furnace inspected by a professional?

Answer: Furnaces can keep your home warm and toasty in the cold winter months. However, they can also leak deadly carbon monoxide in your home. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you have your furnace inspected by a professional at least once a year.

Question #3: When should I have my furnace replaced?

Answer: There are plenty of warning signs that your furnace needs to be replaced. You need a new furnace if it is over 15 years old, your energy bills are becoming more expensive or it is constantly in need of repairs.

We know that you and your family rely on your heating system during the winter months. If you experience any trouble with your heating system this season, turn to Air Treatment Company. We repair all makes and models of furnaces. Call (703) 270-0881 for a repair.

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