Are Air Leaks Costing You Money?

Air Treatment Company

Is your money going out the window? If your home isn’t properly sealed, it could be. In fact, some estimate that air leaks throughout the home could spike energy bills by 20% or more. Read below to learn how to find and fix air leaks in your home…

What are air leaks?

According to the Department of Energy, air leakage occurs when outside air enters your home uncontrollably through cracks and openings. This forces conditioned air to escape the home, and can lead to hot and cold spots, moisture problems, and poor indoor air quality.

Where are air leaks commonly found?

Air leaks are most common where two different building materials meet. Classic examples of this include:

  • Interior and exterior corners
  • Where siding and chimney meet
  • Where foundation and siding meet
  • Door and window frames
  • Baseboards
  • Wall-mounted air conditioners
  • Electrical outlets and switches
  • Vents and fans
  • Where pipes and wires pass through walls
  • Outdoor water faucets

Tips for sealing air leaks.

  • Use caulk to seal leaks around stationary components, such as door and window frames.
  • Use weatherstripping to seal leaks around moving components, such as doors and windows.
  • Install foam gaskets behind outlets and light switches.
  • Look for dirty spots on your walls, ceilings, and carpets – they may be indicative of air leaks.
  • Replace your single-pane windows with energy efficient double-pane low-emissivity windows.
  • Keep the fireplace damper closed when not in use.

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