Is There Mold in Your Home?

It’s no secret that mold can cause a number of problems to your health. But sometimes, it’s not always that easy to spot. In order to keep you and your family safe, you should know how to determine if there’s mold in your home.

Signs There Is Mold In Your Home

Weird Odors

If you walk into your garage or basement and are greeted by a musty smell, it may be coming from something other than smelly laundry or workout equipment. Mold often emits strange odors, so if you smell them, have the area inspected.

Excessive Condensation

High humidity in your home can allow mold to grow and fester. If you notice that your windows and doors more often than not have condensation forming on them, you may want to check those areas to see if mold is developing there.

Water Problems

If you’ve had leaking pipes or any type of flooding in your home, those areas are the perfect spots for mold to grow. Even if you stop the water itself, moisture can still remain and allow mold to develop. It’s best to get a dehumidifier in these areas to completely get rid of any moisture.

Health Issues

Like we said, not all mold is easy to spot. If you or people in your family begin developing certain health issues, such as itchy eyes, runny noses, or more serious respiratory problems, you should have your home checked for mold to see if that is the cause of any illnesses.

Visible Mold

However, sometimes mold is easy to spot. If you notice any patches of black or green growth anywhere in your home, immediately call a specialist to remove it and check for any other places it might be.

A main cause of mold in your home is high humidity levels. At Air Treatment Company, we offer dehumidifiers as well as other HVAC systems that can regulate moisture levels in your home to ensure it stays mold free. For more information or to schedule a service please call us at (703) 270-0881.

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