Making Your Home Naturally Smell Good

Wouldn’t you love to walk into your home after a long day at work and be greeted by sweet or soothing smells? We’re all about having a nice-smelling home, but we don’t want you to fill your home with chemicals just so it smells like a pumpkin spice latte. Make your home naturally smell good using these easy methods.

Essential Oil Diffusers

These relatively inexpensive devices use water and the essential oil of your choice to create a mist that carries throughout your home and makes it smell wonderful. Plus, each essential oil provides aromatherapy for different things. Stressed? Try lavender. Need to wake up? Try peppermint.

Scented Natural Cleaning Products

Forget chemical-based cleaning products that leave behind harsh scents. Make your own natural cleaning products that leave your kitchen and other areas of your house smelling like lemons.

Carpet Deodorizers

Your carpet can harbor a ton of dust and other particles that make your home smell musty and dirty. Combine a few ingredients to make a natural deodorizer that will rid your carpet of dirt and dust and leave it smelling fresh.

Stove Top Scents

If you’re going to be spending some time in your kitchen, reserve a spot on your stove to simmer water, some herbs, and orange peels. The steam will carry throughout your house to create a soothing smell.

Air-Purifying Plants

Placing certain plants around your home can help rid your air of dust, mold, and other allergy-inducing particles. Some of the best ones to try are orchids, peace lilies, and palm trees.

If you really want to make your home naturally smell good, consider adding a whole-home air purifying system from Air Treatment Companyto rid your air of harmful and bad-smelling particles. For more information or to schedule a service in Fairfax County, call us at (703) 270-0881.