Tips for Sealing Air Leaks

During the summer, leaving the door open will only let cool air out of your home. Clearly, this is counter productive. However, you may be losing cool air with air leaks that are all around your home. Don’t fall victim to this! Below are some tips that will help you seal air leaks.

  • Perform a test for air tightness on a windy day.
  • Weatherstrip and caulk doors and windows that have air leaks.
  • You should also caulk air leaks near plumbing, ducting and electrical wiring.
  • Put foam sealant on large air gaps near windows and baseboards.
  • Consider concealing single-pane windows with storm windows.
  • Upgrade single-pane windows with more energy efficient models.
  • Keep the fireplace flue shut when you are not using it.
  • Make sure that your dryer vent is unobstructed.
  • Seal air leaks near fireplace chimneys, furnaces, and water heaters with materials that are not flammable.

If you’ve already sealed your air leaks for the season and still don’t have the a comfortable home, your air conditioner might be the problem. Turn to Air Treatment Company for all of your cooling needs. We promise to take good care of your home. Call (703) 270-0881 today to schedule an appointment.

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