Furnace Maintenance Tips for the Fall

This fall, don’t wait for your furnace to breakdown and then have it repaired. Instead, practice preventative maintenance on your furnace. Below are some tips that will help you do exactly that.
  1. The pilot light should be burning a blue flame. If your furnace has a yellow flame, you need a professional repair or replacement.
  2. If there is no flame at all on your furnace, don’t attempt a DIY project. Some things are best left to the NATE certified technicians at Air Treatment Company.
  3. Make sure you remove any debris or dust from the unit.
  4. Change the air filter every 30 days or as needed.
  5. Be sure to lubricate the blower motor.
  6. Inspect the burner for signs of corrosion.
  7. Make sure that air vents are unobstructed by pieces of furniture.

At Air Treatment Company, we maintain and tune-up all makes and models of furnaces. A tune-up from our NATE certified technicians will maintain peak operating efficiency, extend the life of your furnace and prevent costly breakdowns in the future. We are the preferred furnace experts in the Fairfax County, VA area. Call (703) 270-0881 to schedule an appointment.

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