Things to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioner

With the weather warming up in the Fairfax, Virginia area, many homeowners are starting to think about how they will beat the heat this summer. One of the best ways to keep comfortable is by upgrading your home’s cooling system.

If you are shopping around for a new home air conditioner, here are a few factors you should take into account:

  • Price. Price definitely isn’t the only thing you should consider, but it is the most important for many people. Set a strict budget you can comfortably afford, and shop accordingly.

  • Cooling capacity. You want to make sure that your new air conditioner has enough power to sufficiently cool your house. Otherwise, what’s the point? Some factors that can influence your required air conditioner size include home square footage, ceiling height, insulation, number of windows, and climate.

  • Energy-efficiency. Energy-efficiency is very important to consider because it will impact your energy bills for the next decade. Spending a little more today on an energy-efficient model can save you money for years to come.

  • Warranties. Air conditioners are a long-term investment. You want to know that you are protected in the event that yours breaks down. Check how long your manufacturer’s warranty is valid for, and consider purchasing an extended warranty for extra protection.

If you live in Fairfax County, Virginia, look no further than Air Treatment Company for all of your home cooling needs. Our NATE-certified technicians can install, repair, or tune up any make or model of home air conditioner. If you live in Vienna, Fairfax, Arlington, or the surrounding area, give us a call at (703) 270-0881 today.

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