5 Rookie Mistakes You're Making with Your AC

5 Rookie Mistakes You're Making with Your AC

In your lifetime, you will probably make thousands of mistakes. You’ll forget to put the garbage out, you’ll be late for your child’s parent/teacher conference, and you’ll forget to DVR your favorite show and miss out on the water cooler talk Monday morning. But we all know mistakes can be prevented as you get older — especially as you learn how to manage your home. When it comes to your cooling system, here are five mistakes you’re making with your AC.

1) You aren’t changing your filters.

You should be changing your AC’s filters at least every three months, if not more often. If you leave them dirty, you’re causing your unit to work harder to do its job (costing you more money in utility fees), not to mention pushing unfiltered, dirty air to your home.

2) Your thermostat is in a bad spot.

If your thermostat is in a location where the sun shines on it all day, the sensor could be thrown off and your AC could be working harder than it has to. If you can, make sure your thermostat is shaded from any additional heat.

3) You’re not using your fans.

Whether it’s a standing or ceiling fan, you should be using the fans in your home to promote better air circulation and take some of the weight off your AC’s shoulders, so to speak. Just make sure the fans are turning counter-clockwise so they push cold air down.

4) You’re cooling empty rooms.

Do you really think it’s necessary to cool the guest bedroom that hasn’t been used all year? Close the vents in that room so you’re not wasting energy and money cooling empty spaces.

5) You’re not getting your AC serviced yearly.

This is probably one of the most common mistakes you’re making with your AC. Yearly maintenance services can help catch any problems before they get worse and help keep your unit running well.

For more advice on mistakes you’re making with your AC, contact Air Treatment Company. We offer comprehensive AC maintenance plans, as well as AC repairs and installation to keep your home cool and comfortable as efficiently as possible. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (703) 270-0881.

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