May is Clean Air Month! Here's How You Can Participate

Think the air you are breathing is clean? Think again.

Whether outdoors or inside, we are constantly exposed to airborne pollutants which can have negative effects on our health. That’s why we observe Clean Air Month every May, so we can learn how poor air quality affects our everyday lives. Read below to learn more about Clean Air Month 2017, and what steps you can take to improve air quality.

What is clean air month?

Clean Air Month has been observed every May since 1972, and is annually sponsored by the American Lung Association. The goal of Clean Air Month is to educate the people about the correlation between air quality and respiratory health, and encourage them to take positive steps to help improve air quality.

Why is clean air important?

Clean air has a natural balance of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, and does not contain any pollutants or allergens. Clean air has no negative impact on our health or the environment.

Polluted air, on the other hand, can be very harmful. Short-term exposure to polluted air can lead to allergy-like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, sore throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. It can also trigger symptoms from other diseases, such as asthma. Long-term health effects are even more severe, as research has linked pollution to various heart diseases, respiratory diseases, and certain forms of cancer.

Ten steps for cleaner air

Luckily, clean air is possible to achieve. These small steps can have a big impact on the air quality in your home:

  1. Vacuum, mop, and dust your home every week.
  2. Have any mold growth professionally removed.
  3. Keep your humidity levels below 50%.
  4. Avoid commercial-brand cleaning products and air fresheners, which are loaded with toxins.
  5. Add more houseplants around the home.
  6. Take your shoes off immediately upon entering your home.
  7. Make your home a “No Smoking” zone.
  8. Look for “low VOC” labels when shopping for paints and adhesives.
  9. Have your HVAC system professionally inspected and tuned up once per year.
  10. Invest in an air purification system.

If you live in Fairfax County, Virginia, trust the experts at the Air Treatment Company to help you maintain clean air in your home or office. We offer professionally-installed air purification systems, filters, sterilizing UV lights, and more. Contact us online to get started with a free estimate, or call (703) 270-0881.

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