How Your Holiday Decorations Are Affecting Your Heating

It’s the most wonderful time of the year —at least that’s how the song goes. The holiday season is supposed to be a time of merriment and joy, but if you’re putting yourself in danger by how you’re decking the halls, that merriment goes out the window. If you want to keep your home holly and jolly, you should start wondering how your holiday decorations are affecting your heating.

Cords and Candles

A lot of people use extension cords when decorating their home to help lights and blow-up lawn ornaments reach the outlets. Those extension cords are usually not insulated properly and can become very hot — potentially even frayed — and cause a fire. Candles — while pretty and sweet-smelling — add more heat to your home than you may think, which can throw your heating system out of whack.

Christmas Trees

When decorating your Christmas tree, check to see what kind of light bulbs you’re using. Older bulbs generate a lot of heat which can make your home feel warm and stuffy. Plus, if a hot bulb touches dry pine needles, it can potentially start a fire. You should only use LED lights when decorating since they use 70% less energy and, therefore, don’t produce as much heat that could interfere with your HVAC system.

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