How to Keep Your Home Cool During Thanksgiving

Have any of your Thanksgiving dinners ended with guests sweating at the table or running outside to cool down and escape from how hot the house is? That could be because you’re letting your home get too warm as the day goes on. In order to keep your home cool during Thanksgiving, follow these tips.

Turn Your Thermostat Down

Your oven and stove are going to give off plenty of heat to warm up your home, so you don’t need to have your thermostat set to 75°. Turn it down to 68° or even 65° to help balance out the temperature in your home.

Keep Your Cookery Covered

You can physically see the heat coming from the pots and pans cooking on your stove, so keep them covered to contain that heat and prevent it from spreading to the rest of your home. Bonus — food cooks faster when it’s covered.

Turn on Your Exhaust Fan

The fan above your stove is there for a reason, so do yourself a favor and use it. That fan will not only help get rid of the heat in your kitchen, but it will also rid your home of any funky smells that come off the food you’re cooking.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

True, fans don’t necessarily cool air, but they help circulate it, creating a cooler feel. Turn on ceiling fans in the rooms your guests are spending time in.

Open Your Windows

If all else fails, crack open a few windows around your home to let fresh air flow in and give your guests some relief from the kitchen.

If you’re in need of a little more help to keep your home cool during Thanksgiving, give the experts at Air Treatment Company a call. We offer HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance, so you’re perfectly comfortable year-round. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (703) 270-0881.

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