Things to Never Have Near Your Thermostat

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re freezing in your home, but your heat doesn’t kick on? It’s almost as bad as when your heat does turn on, but you’re sitting there sweating because it’s already warm. Before you go thinking something is wrong with your heating system itself, you should take a look at where you placed your thermostat because, yes, there are things to never have near your thermostat.

Windows and Doors

If you place your thermostat near a window or door, it’s going to sense the cool air coming in from outside your home and kick on when it may not be necessary.

Air Vents

You’re not the only one who feels the warm air coming from your air vents. Your thermostat will too if that’s what it’s placed near, and it won’t be able to read the temperature of the room the right way because it will feel warm being so close to the vent. That can leave you freezing if it doesn’t kick on.


Electronics that may end up near your thermostat, such as your TV or video game consoles, give off heat that could throw your thermostat out of whack. Try to leave some distance between any electronics and your thermostat.

Space Heaters

First off, space heaters are not the safest way to heat your home, so please take extra caution if you decide to use them. Secondly, don’t put them near your thermostat because, with the amount of heat they can give off, your thermostat won’t be able to generate an accurate temperature reading, leaving you, quite literally, in the cold.

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