How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

When you think of improvements and renovations to make in your home, you probably think of two main places: your kitchen and your bathroom. If you take aim at your bathroom, you may be racking your brain for ideas of what to change and what to improve.

Well, we have an idea. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bathroom that rivals the tranquility and ambiance of a high-end spa? With a few simple changes, you can transform your regular bathroom into a spa.

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

  • Invest in Good Towels. One of the best parts about going to the spa is getting to wrap yourself in the soft, plush robes and towels they provide you with. So one of the easiest ways to make your own bathroom feel like a spa is by swapping your old, scratchy towels for new ones that you’ll want to snuggle up in.

  • Add an Oil Diffuser. If you’re someone that appreciates a good aromatherapy session, you’ll definitely want to add an essential oil diffuser to your bathroom. You can opt for certain invigorating scents, such as spearmint or lemongrass, that can wake you up in the morning, or calming scents, like lavender or chamomile, to relax you after a long day. Oil diffusers are also better for your air quality than other aromatherapy methods like scented candles or aerosol air fresheners.

  • Swap Out Your Vanity. One thing that can ruin your relaxing, spa-like bathroom is feeling cramped in the room. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, swap out your vanity sink for a pedestal sink that takes up less space. Move the items from your vanity to a shelf in a nearby hallway closet.

  • Add Storage. On the contrary, if you have room to spare in your bathroom and have beauty products and other toiletries falling off the edge of your sink and toilet, you may want to consider adding a few storage solutions to your bathroom to create a less cluttered, more serene environment. Whether you decide to add some shelving in your shower or place a toiletry cart next to your sink for all of your beauty and grooming products, having some more room available to organize and de-clutter your belongings will help create a calmer space.

  • Change Up Your Lighting. Most bathrooms are lit by bright, white lights — which are necessary in order to best see where to apply your makeup or align your shave. However, those lights don’t make for a relaxing environment. Speak to your local electrician about setting up lighting zones and dimmer switches in your bathroom, so there you can separately light the area over your vanity and shower and make your bathroom as bright or dim as you’d like it.

  • Swap Out Your Showerhead. Rather than stick with an old showerhead that unevenly spurts out a ton water on a single setting, switch to a more efficient and overall better fixture. You should start by picking a low-flow showerhead that limits the amount of water it dispels per minute, then pick one with multiple settings. For example, some showerheads mimic waterfall patterns while others have massage settings — something pretty convenient if you experience muscle soreness.

  • Install a Tub. There’s something so relaxing and luxurious about being able to literally soak your troubles and stress away in a bathtub. If you have enough room in your bathroom, install a tub. Not only can you enjoy a nice soak every now and again in it, but your kids will love being able to sit and play with their toys during bathtime.

  • Install a Vent Fan. You want a spa in your bathroom, not a sauna, and it’s pretty hard to relax when your bathroom feels grossly humid. If you don’t already have a bathroom exhaust, talk to your HVAC specialist about installing the proper ductwork needed to help rid your bathroom of excess humidity. Not only will this help improve the comfort of your bathroom, but, by getting rid of that extra moisture, you’ll also be protecting the room from peeling painting and mold growth.

  • Update Your Water Heater. Everything else in your bathroom may set the perfect stage for a spa-like day of relaxation, but if you go to turn on your shower and nothing but cold water is coming out for the first 10 minutes, that will seriously put a damper on your day. A modern water heater that is properly sized for your home guarantees that you’ll not only have hot water right when you need it but also that you’ll never run out or waste a ton of water waiting for it to heat up.

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