Saving Money And Time With A Programmable Thermostat

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No matter the season, who can say no to saving money? The biggest energy drainer in many homes can be their air conditioning system, as it can take a lot of power to cool down your home, and while energy-saving modes help, prolonged use still adds up! Let's not forget about the winter when you need the heat to keep your home cozy and, above all else, not feel like the inside of an icicle. The best way you can save yourself the hassle of managing utility bills is by getting a new smart thermostat, and we break down why!

Why Should You Upgrade?

Smart thermostats can feel like a solution to a problem that does not exist for many homeowners but trust us don't sleep on a new thermostat. We know many smart home devices can feel like a gimmick; however, smart thermostats are a great way to have a programmable setting to avoid messing with your thermostat every thirty minutes.


The issue with older analogy thermostats and even some early digital thermostats is the lack of accuracy when setting your home's temperature. With smart thermostats, you have pinpoint accuracy in setting your home's temperature so you can monitor if your HVAC system is properly functioning. Likewise, with programmable schedules, you can keep your home cool or warm while you're outside


While working around the home or just outside shopping, you can have a programmed schedule that fits your routine to keep your home at the temperature you want. Think of summers where you'll be out for most of the afternoon, but want to come back to a cool home. No worries, you can program the AC to cool your home aggressively while you're out, and thirty minutes before you return, have your AC get a little warmer not to waste too much energy.


Some thermostats have learning capabilities to adapt to a home based on the homeowner's preferences so that you can get suggested temep[reatures based on your particular preference. You never have to worry about getting the dial on the temperature just right because your new thermostat has you got covered.


Saving Money

We need to come clean about the saving money claim and say that….it is entirely possible! However, we need to be realistic about how much you can save on thermostat upgrades. For homeowners needing extra control over their home's temperature, a smart thermostat will help ensure you do not have your home too warm or cold to save money on utilities. While thermostats can help with their monitoring features that chart out your energy usage, with helpful breakdowns of your daily energy usage, they are more akin to a digital organizer than a magic money printing machine.


If you choose to keep your home set to sixty degrees all summer long, with no brakes on the AC usage, no smart thermostat in the world will suddenly cut your energy bill in half. Your smart thermostat can save you money by having programmed temperature control to keep your home at room temperature while you're running errands or running at a higher temperature on warmer days. A smart thermostat can help you budget your utility usage. However, reckless usage can still run your bills.

Taking A Spin

With most investments in smart devices, the upfront cost can be a turn-off for many homeowners. We can say that there are smart thermostats that come with extra bells and whistles like connectivity to your home devices like Amazon Alexa or learning your temperature preferences over time. While these features can be neat, they are something you can live without if you want to save money and opt for a basic smart thermostat with programmable schedules.


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