Broken Air Conditioner And High Humidity


Summer heat is annoying and steadily approaching as we get closer to the summer solstice. We know that the best way to beat the heat is staying indoors with that excellent air conditioner running and nothing quite beats that method. However, while beating the heat is essential, we can never forget about humidity! A properly functioning air conditioner can help regulate humidity, but a malfunctioning AC can be your worst nightmare on humid days.


Go Appropriately Sized Or Go Home

When an air conditioner is not removing humidity from the home properly, it can be easy to conclude that your HVAC system has a malfunction, but you might be shocked that there's nothing technically wrong with your HVAC. While the HVAC components are functioning correctly, you might have purchased the wrong HVAC for your home!


With HVAC systems that are too large, you might be suffering from an AC that does not correctly cycle, leading to the AC not regulating its moisture levels. Short cycling can lead to increased moisture build-up inside your AC, leading to uneven temperatures across your home and high humidity.


Coil Cleaning

A common question we ask homeowners facing an AC that does not dehumidify is, when was the last time you had your AC cleaned? The reason we ask this question is straightforward. A dirty evaporator coil could be the cause of your humid home!


When evaporator coils are clogged by dirt or debris, they can not correctly have airflow to absorb condensation leading to moisture build-up. Likewise, evaporator coils can impede the function of your air conditioner's coolant and lead to some issues with cooling your home overall. So, take the time to clean your HVAC unit's coils, or hire our pros if you're afraid of messing with components to avoid potential issues every season.


Counterintuitive Cooling

This is a problem we see happen often, but keeping your AC constantly running might be contributing to your humidity issues. Do not get us wrong; we understand that you want your home cooled on those hot days, and who can blame you. The problem arises that a constantly running AC can release condensation build-up from your system's coils back into your home.


So does this mean turning off your AC when it gets hot? Not at all! The best way to avoid humidity increase from a constantly running AC is to set your HVAC system into an auto system that will only cool your home down when needed, so the likelihood of condensation from the coils entering back into your home is far lower as it properly drains. You can also periodically turn your cooling off when not needed and save a little on utilities while you're at it!


HVAC systems can be finicky sometimes, but the solutions to your problems are often more straightforward than you might think! At Air Treatment Company we have years of experience handling home maintenance for HVAC systems and are more than happy to help you if you ever are stuck with a broken HVAC system. Don't get stuck without an AC this hot summer, and have your HVAC inspected when you call (703) 270-0881 today!