Clearing the Air

People tend to think of air pollution as an outdoor issue. However, indoor air pollution is a silent killer that goes unnoticed by many. The EPA states that indoor air contaminants are 100 times greater than outdoor pollutants. Indoor air pollution has been directly linked to respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer. Poor indoor air quality can even worsen preexisting health problems; such as fatigue, headaches, and the spreading of illnesses. Since most people spend 90% of their time indoors, poor air quality is a major issue that can be put to rest. The best defense against indoor pollutants is good air ventilation.

Air Treatment Company can help you clear the air with their complete indoor air quality services. Our experienced NATE certified technicians will tailor solutions based on your particular situation. We recommend, install and repair the Air Guardian Air Purifier. This comprehensive air purifying system uses oxygen to kill pollutants at the source. The system wipes out airborne pollutants such as bacteria and mold, upon contact. Installing the Air Guardian Air Purifier is conducive to people with asthma and airborne allergies. Give us a call today at (703) 270-0881 and take a well deserved breath of fresh air.

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