You Don't Have To Take The Heat this Summer

Staying cool in Virginia during the summer is not an easy task. There is sunlight beaming down, humidity in the air, and your home seems to taking a beating from all sides. In addition to having a central air conditioning system installed by Air Treatment Company, there are some things you can do to keep your cool all summer long. These tips will keep humidity at bay, maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, and even save money.

Windows of Opportunity

Close the blinds and curtains during the day. The more heat you block out, the better. Shut the windows during the day. Leaving the windows open during the day will only make your house feel like a sauna. Open the windows at night. This will allow cool air from outside to circulate within your home.

Fan the Flames

Any HVAC technician understands the importance of circulation and ventilation. That is why fans are a quick fix and can improve upon your existing HVAC system. Fans gets the cool air moving throughout your home with ease. Cross ventilation in your home will promote a comfortable temperature in all areas of your home. That way, it won’t be so jarring walking from room to room. These inexpensive, quick fixes will keep the heat off you and your family this summer.

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