Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Fall

Summer, as we know it, is coming to an end. Most homeowners will turn off their air conditioners one last time and think that is the end of it. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your air conditioner for the fall and winter months. Winterizing your air conditioner will prolong the longevity of your unit. That way, it will operate at peak efficiency when you turn it on again in the spring.

Clean Up

Before you put your air conditioner to rest for the next few months, be sure to do a thorough cleaning of the unit. If your air conditioner is located outside, make sure you remove any debris from the unit.

Cover It Up

Now that your air conditioner is squeaky clean, it’s now time to cover it up. Cover it with a waterproof material that encompasses the entire unit. Air conditioner covers can be purchased from the local hardware store.

Check Up

Don’t forget to occasionally check on your air conditioning unit. Make sure that the unit is still covered and free of debris. Although you will be primarily thinking about your heating system this fall and winter, taking care of your air conditioner all year round will pay off in the spring and summer.

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