​Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Winter

People spend a lot of time indoors–especially in the wintertime. This can be detrimental to your health if your home or office has poor indoor air quality. Below are some steps you can take to improve indoor air quality this season.


Miscellaneous Tips

  1. Clean and dust on a regular basis. It will reduce the amount of indoor air allergens such as mold, pollen, pet dander and dust mites.
  2. Choose non-toxic and low-or no-VOC products.
  3. Have your home tested for radon.

Tips for Your HVAC System

  1. A clogged or dirty air filter will only make your indoor air quality worse. To avoid this, be sure to replace or clean your furnace’s air filter as needed.
  2. Consider having a HEPA air purifier added to your HVAC system. It will help remove gases, odors and chemicals that are lingering in the air.
  3. Did you know that plants are considered nature’s air purifiers? This is due to the fact that they can remove toxins from the air.

Are you interested in a more permanent solution to your indoor air quality issues? Our air quality experts will be able to find the perfect air purification method to implement in your home. Give us a call today at F:P:Site:Phone} and we’ll clear things up. You’ll finally be able to take a deep breath of fresh, clean air!

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