Preventative Maintenance For Your Generator Keeps You Powered Up

When storms hit Vienna, the chances of a power outage are high. This can render all of your household appliances powerless. Clearly, a power outage is a disruption to your daily activities. Backup generators can put an end to this vicious cycle and help you power through a storm.

As with any electrical device, it is best to have your generator routinely maintained by a professional. That’s where we come in. Our preventative maintenance services for your generator include:

  • Changing the oil and oil filters
  • Changing fuel filters
  • Loading test batteries
  • Checking the coolant level
  • Checking voltage and frequency outputs
  • Refueling service
  • Testing low oil pressure
  • Supplying anti-corrosion pads
  • Inspecting the overall condition of the unit

Having your generator maintained gives you peace of mind when the power goes out. Air Treatment Company is locally owned and we offer free in-home consultations and cost proposals for whole house electrical generators. To talk with a friendly customer service person about whole house backup generators, call us at (703) 270-0881.

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