Common Air Conditioner Problems

We’ve all been there–you go to turn on your air conditioner and nothing happens. It’s frustrating and inconvenient, to say the least. Below are the most common air conditioner problems that homeowners encounter.

Have you ever noticed that your air conditioner is leaking? If so, it is an indication that the refrigerant levels are low. One of our NATE certified technicians can remedy this issue in less time than you think!

Electric Failure
Overtime, the compressor and fan controls experience wear and tear. This can lead to electric failure. If this happens to your air conditioner, be sure to have it serviced by one of our technicians.

Poor Performance
Does your air conditioner not function as well as it once did? This can happen when homeowners leave air conditioners to their own devices. Scheduling routine maintenance with the pros at Air Treatment Company can prevent this.

If you come across one of the issues listed above, don’t attempt a “Do-It-Yourself” project. Instead, turn to the pros at Air Treatment Company. We’re experts on all makes and models of central air conditioner repairs. Our technicians are trained to perform the central air conditioning unit repairs you need. Call (703) 270-0881 to schedule an appointment.

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