Debunking Common Energy Saving Myths

You can’t believe everything you hear, especially on the internet. While the world wide web is full of energy saving advice, many of the common tips are simply not true. The heating and cooling experts from the Air Treatment Company are here to debunk some of the more popular energy myths we have come across:

Myth: If a device is turned off, it is not using energy.

Fact: Electronics continue to draw power from the outlet when they are turned off. This is known as “phantom energy”, and can make up a significant portion of your electricity bill. Always unplug your devices when they are not in use to avoid this hidden energy consumption.

Myth: Turning your thermostat higher will heat your home quicker.

Fact: It will take equally as long for your furnace to heat your home. Ideally, you never want to leave your furnace off long enough for your home to get cold in the first place. Regardless, your heating system will produce heat at the same rate, no matter what the thermostat is set to. Cranking it up will use more energy, but take just as long to heat your home.

Myth: Closing air vents in unoccupied rooms saves energy.

Fact: Your HVAC system uses the same amount of energy, regardless of which vents are open. Your furnace or central air conditioner will still produce the same amount of air, it will just be redirected to other rooms or lost through leaks in your ductwork.

Myth: Electric space heaters are an efficient form of supplemental heating.

Fact: While space heaters are an effective way to heat a room in your home, they are not efficient. Electricity can cost up to ten times more than natural gas, meaning that running just two electric space heaters can cost more than heating your entire home with a gas-powered system.

Myth: Buying an Energy Star heating or cooling system automatically results in energy reduction.

Fact: Your HVAC system must be properly installed in order to reap the benefits. Your new HVAC system is only as good as the professionals who install it. Even the most energy-efficient system in the world won’t result in savings if it is not properly installed in your home.

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