How To: AC Maintenance

How To: AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is the key to keeping your unit performing well. And as the hotter temperatures continue rolling in, you’ll want your air conditioner to be at its peak performance. If your unit could use a bit of TLC, follow these steps for how to properly take care of your air conditioner.

How to Perform AC Maintenance:

Turn Your Unit Off: You’re working with electricity and moving parts, so totally turn off your unit’s power to keep yourself safe.

Get Rid of Debris: Use a screwdriver or wrench to remove the cage from the top of your outside condenser unit, and get rid of any leaves and debris from the inside using your hand or a wet/dry vacuum.

Clean and Straighten the Fins: Take your garden hose and spray the fins from the inside out to get rid of any dirt that could be built up on them. Inspect the fins, and use a butterknife to straighten any bent ones.

Clear Out the Surrounding Area: Rake leaves and other debris away from your unit, and trim away any plant life that is growing within two feet of your condenser. When the winter months roll around, make sure to place a piece of plywood on top of the unit so debris doesn’t fall inside.

Level Your Unit: After a few years, the pad your condenser sits on can tilt, causing the unit to potentially fail earlier than it should. Check the leveling, and use rust-resistant shims to get it even again.

If you need help with your AC maintenance, contact Air Treatment Company. All of our maintenance services are performed by skilled NATE-certified HVAC technicians, and we even offer maintenance service plans. For more information, call us at (703) 270-0881.

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