Whole House v. Portable Dehumidifiers

As the summer temperatures roll in, you’ll want your home to be a safe haven from the heat. But what happens when humidity makes the air inside your home feel just as sticky as the air outside? You’ll need a dehumidifier to help control the moisture levels in your home. Choosing between whole house and portable dehumidifiers will depend on how serious your humidity problem is, but there are a few pros and cons to each one.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

These units are installed in your home to work with your cooling system or on its own to lower the moisture levels of your home and improve your indoor air quality.


  • You have the ability to control humidity levels throughout the entire space of your home.
  • They don’t make as much noise as portable dehumidifiers.
  • They are up to four times more energy efficient.
  • Most have better air filters than portable units.


  • They are initially more expensive.
  • They are harder to take with you if you move.

Portable Dehumidifiers


  • They’re less expensive when you first purchase them.
  • They’re easy to travel with.
  • It’s a quicker installation than whole house units.
  • You can control the humidity levels in one, continuous area of your home.


  • They’re louder than whole house units.
  • They usually have a shorter lifespan.
  • You would need multiple units to control the humidity levels of your entire home.

Having a dehumidifying system can help you save money, since your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool your home if the moisture levels aren’t that high. Air Treatment Company can install a whole house dehumidifier to help you create a comfortable home. For more information or to schedule a service around Vienna, VA, call (703) 270-0881.

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