Why HVAC Tune Ups Are Worth It

Technician working on HVAC

In life, you’re always playing a game of choices — is getting fast food on the way home from work worth it or should you just wait until you can cook something; even if they’re bad seats, it is worth buying expensive concert tickets to see your favorite musician; are HVAC tune-ups worth it? While you may be skeptical about the expense, let us fill you in on why HVAC tune-ups are worth it for several reasons.

Why HVAC Tune-Ups Are Worth It

  • Tune-ups give your unit a jump start. When the seasons change and you switch from AC to heating or vice versa, it probably will have been several months since you turned the opposite system on. HVAC tune-ups help make sure your system is ready to be used once you need it.

  • Maintenance jobs are almost always cheaper than repair jobs. Tune-ups help find problems before they happen and can spare you the added expenses of needing a more serious repair. The sooner problems are spotted, they sooner they can be fixed, and that’s exactly what HVAC technicians do during a tune-up.

  • Poor maintenance can void your system’s warranty. Most HVAC systems come with a warranty, but some of those warranties require you to keep up with proper maintenance. If that’s the case and your unit needs a repair, some companies won’t provide parts if you didn’t maintain your unit the way you should’ve.

  • A well-maintained system lasts longer. The same way your car will last longer if you get it tuned regularly, your HVAC system will have a longer life the better you care for it. HVAC tune-ups allow for fewer repairs and replacements, meaning your unit will last longer and you won’t have to shell out money for a new one sooner than necessary.

At Air Treatment Company, we know the importance and worth of proper HVAC tune-ups, which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your system in good condition and your family comfortable in your home. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (703) 270-0881.
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