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Does Your Heat Pump Have Auxiliary Heating?
Does Your Heat Pump Have Auxiliary Heating?

A heat pump provides comfort in an unexpected way: by extracting heat from the cold air outside. But what happens when temperatures are so low that there isn’t enough heat energy to draw from? The answer depends on the type of heat pump you have. How Does a Heat Pump Work? ...

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  • The Great Debate: Heat Pump or Furnace?

    A heat pump and furnace take different approaches toward the same goal -- heating your home -- but each deserves careful consideration before choosing ...

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  • How Does a Heat Pump Work?

    Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly-popular choice for homeowners to heat and cool their homes. Keep reading to learn how a heat pump can help ...

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  • Different Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

    Times are changing in the world of HVAC. Unlike the past, homeowners today have several options when it comes to keeping warm during the winter ...

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  • Things To Consider When Replacing Your Home's Heat Pump

    Heat pumps can heat and cool your home for 10 to 15 years. Has your heat pump far exceeded this lifespan? If so, consider replacing it. Below are some ...

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  • What Is A Heat Pump?

    A lot of people are familiar with furnaces and boilers. Do you know what a heat pump is? If not, keep reading to find out. What A Heat Pump Does ...

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  • Signs You Need A New Heat Pump

    Heat pumps are not meant to last forever. If a heat pump in an older home has never been upgraded, a replacement is probably in order. Below are some ...

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  • The Benefits of a Geothermal Heat Pump

    Nowadays, homeowners are interested in more eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions. Can you relate? If so, a geothermal heat pump might be the ...

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  • ​Tips for Buying a Heat Pump

    Need a new cooling and heating system? Investing in a new air conditioner and a new furnace will cost you a pretty penny. Heat pumps are a more ...

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