As the Heat Rises, Bring Your Energy Bills Down

During the sweltering summer, you depend on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. Some homeowners keep their air conditioning systems running 24/7. Clearly, this kind of behavior can really cost you. There are certain steps you can take this summer to keep your money where it belongs–in your pocket.

A Clean Slate

The easiest way to save some green is to clean your air conditioner on a routine basis. Dust, debris, and dirt can put more stress on your unit. In the summer, make sure you change your air filters once every 30 days. If you have an outdoor unit, they too require a thorough cleaning.

Less is More

As the sun is beating down on you, it is only natural to run inside and put the A/C on full blast. However, you should strive to conserve energy in your home as much as possible. Using appliances during the day could really dig into your savings. Try to use appliances in the morning or evening. Turn off all appliances, including your air conditioner, when you leave the house. Following these simple tips can help cut down on your energy costs.

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