How To Deal With Humidity In Your Home

Some people do not do well in the heat. If you can relate, you know that humidity only makes the heat even worse. Below are some tips on how to deal with humidity in your home this summer.

  • Make sure that your home has adequate ventilation. It is important to install ventilation systems in the kitchen and in the bathrooms.
  • Your air conditioner should be set to the “dry” setting instead of the “cool” setting.
  • A clogged or dirty air filter will only prohibit air flow and force your air conditioner to work harder. To avoid this scenario, change your air filter once a month in the summer.
  • Use portable fans and ceiling fans as additions to your cooling system. They will help circulate cooled air from the air conditioner.
  • Stop taking long, hot showers. Instead, take a quick and cold shower.
  • Refrain from drying clothes in the dryer. Line dry your clothes outside.

A whole house dehumidifier is a more permanent solution for humid household. Are you interested in having a whole house dehumidifier installed in your home? If so, turn to the NATE certified technicians at Air Treatment Company. We promise to take great care of your home. Call (703) 270-0881 today to schedule an appointment.

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