How To Reduce Home Heating Costs

Air Treatment Company

In the fall, everyone is looking to save money. After all, the holidays are drawing closer and the heating costs are on the rise. Below are some tips that will help you reduce your home heating costs.

Ways to Prevent Heat Loss

  1. Be sure to weatherstrip all of your doors. If you already have weatherstripping installed and it looks damaged, it is best to replace it.
  2. Seal air leaks around electrical boxes with a foam sealant.
  3. You can also caulk windows to seal air leaks.
  4. Put a clear plastic film on your windows and patio doors to stop heat loss.
  5. Have your attic properly insulated or add additional insulation to your attic.
  6. Purchase a portable space heater. That way, you can turn the temperature down on your furnace.
  7. Take control of your heating costs by investing in a programmable thermostat. Turning your thermostat back 10 – 15 degrees can save you 10% on your HVAC costs.

At Air Treatment Company, we realize that heating bills can really start to add up during the frigid winter months. We also understand that turning off your furnace completely is not an option. Following our tips and suggestions will help you keep some green in your pocket.

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