How to Stay Cool Without AC

If you live in the South, you’re well aware that summer can bring sweltering temperatures, immense amounts of humidity, and really, really, bad hair days. You’re probably used to cranking your thermostat down into the 60s, but if your AC suddenly stops working, what do you do? While you wait for repairs or a replacement, these are some ways you can stay cool without AC.

  • Close the Shades: During the day when the sun is shining onto your house, keep your shades closed to block out the extra heat that could otherwise warm your home.
  • Open the Windows: When the temperature outside drops at night, crack a few windows to let cooler air enter and circulate your home. Just be sure to close them before the temperature starts to rise again.
  • Use Your Fan: Turn your fans on, and have them spin counterclockwise. They won’t cool the air in your home, but they’ll circulate it to make the room feel less stuffy.
  • Insulate Your Home: Make sure cool air doesn’t have any place to escape by caulking any drafty areas around your windows and doors.
  • Don’t Use the Stove: As long as you can, avoid using your stove and oven since they’ll add a lot of heat to your home.
  • Ditch Incandescent Lights: These use a lot more energy and produce a lot more heat. Switch to LED lights instead.

Just because there are ways to stay cool with AC, it doesn’t mean you have to. Air Treatment Company in Fairfax County provides comprehensive AC repairs and installations to keep you cool in the summer. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (703) 270-0881.

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