How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Warm weather has arrived, and we’re sure you’re excited for summer BBQs, beach trips, and endless days lounging around your yard enjoying the sun. That’s all good and well, but before you start inviting your friends over to relax by the pool, you have to make sure your house is ready for guests.

To prepare your home for summer, take our advice, and follow these tips.

Service Your AC

Every Virginian knows that our summers can be scorchers, so the last thing you want is to come home one day and find out your AC has stopped working. Call your local HVAC contractor and have them take a look at your system to make sure it’s ready to take on the summer heat.

If it’s not, your tech can make necessary repairs or advise you on the best AC replacement to fit your cooling needs.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You’re probably going to be having a lot of cookouts, so you need your carbon monoxide detectors operating well to make sure none of that smoke or gas is leaking into your home and posing a threat to your family and friends.

Recaulk Your Windows and Doors

There’s no point in running your AC if the cold air is just going to slip through cracks in your home. Recaulk your windows, doors, and any other areas that may allow for air leaks so your air (and money) doesn’t go to waste.

Change Your HVAC Filters

Summer air may be nice and warm, but it’s also full of pollen and other allergens that can clog up your AC filters. Remember to change your filters at the start of summer and every month moving forward to keep your AC running well and your air clean.

Install Energy-Efficient Lights

From your bedrooms to your living room to your outdoor light fixtures, swap out your halogen bulbs for LED bulbs. They’re more energy efficient and will last way longer than traditional light bulbs. Plus, they’re better for the environment!

Check Your Fire Extinguishers

Whether it be a bonfire gone wrong or stray sparks from Fourth of July fireworks, accidents happen — which is why you need a well-working fire extinguisher to keep things safe. If you’ve had yours for a while, check it to make sure it’s still good or replace it entirely.

De-Dust Your Home

Bang out carpets, vacuum rugs, and mattresses, and dust off and dry clean your drapes. With all the company you’ll be having over, no one needs to breathe in dust and allergens just because they brushed up against some curtains that haven’t been cleaned since last year.

Tidy Up the Backyard

With such nice weather, you’re probably going to be spending most of your summer days outside. Clear your yard of any stray branches and leaves that may have fallen during spring showers, powerwash your patio or deck so it looks like new, and wipe down (or replace) any dirty or damaged patio furniture so everyone has a place to sit and relax.

Check Your Water Heater

After a long day in the sun, there’s nothing like a warm shower to wash away all the sunscreen and sweat. Well, that’s not possible if your water heater is broken and it’s only spewing out ice-cold water. Before you’re stuck without shower time, get your unit checked to ensure it’s working well.

Scrub Down Your Grill

No one wants their burger served with a side of barbecue ash. Before you fire up the grill, make sure you scrub it down and get off any burnt food that may be caked on from last summer.

Touch Up Your Garden

Bring those flowers or plants that wilted during the cold months back to life! Prune your garden and add some fertilizer to it to make it alive and colorful. A pretty garden will also improve your home’s curb appeal and show the neighborhood you have quite the green thumb.

When it comes to making sure your home is ready for summer, contact the experts at Air Treatment Company. We are always ready to help you with whatever HVAC and water heater services you need around Alexandria, VA.

For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 703-938-0550.

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