Keeping Your Pets Safe and Comfortable at Home

From the day you bring them home, your pets become members of the family. You treat them as one of your own children, sneaking them human food, letting them sleep in your bed, and bringing them out with you every chance you get.

With all the ways you love to spoil them, it’s possible that you may not have thought about how to keep them safe and comfortable at home — that is, besides giving them the plushiest beds to sleep on while you’re out. In reality, it takes a lot of thought and effort to ensure that your furry friends are completely content in your home and safe from any harm.

In order to create the best space for your pets in your living space, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tips on How to Keep Pets Safe and Comfortable

Close Toilet Lids

You may think it’s funny to see your dog neck-deep in your toilet bowl lapping up some water, but that’s not exactly safe for him. There can be a lot of germs lingering in and around the bowl and your dog could easily ingest that and get sick.

Keep your toilet lid closed for his safety. If you see him trying to use it as a water bowl, that’s typically a sign that he’s thirsty, so be sure to replenish the water in his actual bowl more often.

Add Lids to Trash Bins

Especially if your pet has a tendency of knocking over your garbage cans or taking things out of the bathroom trash, it’s essential to add secure lids to your bins. Getting into the trash presents several problems for your pet, including:

  • Something dangerous, such as a glass bottle or toxic food, could fall out of the trash and harm your pet.

  • If they eat anything that’s not digestible, such as wipes or food wrappers, they could get an intestinal blockage and need surgery to remove it.

  • It makes a big mess in your home that you’re stuck cleaning up.

By adding secure lids to all your trash bins, you’ll keep the garbage inside the bin and avoid any mess and danger.

Cover Electric Cords

Some pets will see anything around your home as a chew toy — especially electrical cords and wires. If your pet decided to nibble on a power cord, they could easily electrocute themselves — not good!

To protect them, try to keep all cords behind furniture where they are out of reach. For cords that can’t be placed out of reach, consider taping them down to the floor so they can’t be pulled up by your pet. It’s also best to block off certain areas that may have a lot of electrical cords, such as behind TVs or certain areas of your kitchen.

Block Off Heating Elements

While you may love sitting near a fireplace or space heater to get warm, the same cannot be said for your pets. They likely won’t understand that these items are extremely hot, especially if they are younger, and may only find out the hard way after they’ve burned themselves.

If you light a fire or have a space heater providing a little extra warmth in a particular room, be sure to block off those areas from your pets. Whether that means putting up a baby gate or closing a door entirely, you’ll rest easy knowing your pet is safe from potential burns.

Adjust Your Water Heater Temperature

If you opt to have bathtime at home (versus at a groomer), you might be surprised to find out that your water may be too hot for your pooch. Just because you love a steaming hot shower, it doesn’t mean she will. In fact, besides just disliking the high heat of the water, it could actually hurt her.

That said, turn down your water heater thermostat down to 120℉ to allow for better comfort and safety during bathtime.

Run Your HVAC System Wisely

When adjusting your thermostat throughout the day, you typically have your desired comfort level in mind -- but what about your pet's? If you lower the thermostat too much during the day, it could leave your pet feeling a bit too chilly. On the contrary, if you run the heat too much, your furry friend can feel overly warm.

When scheduling your temperatures and run times, take your pet into account and choose settings that will still provide them with a comfortable atmosphere throughout the day.

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