5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Decorative Fireplace

Fireplaces are often referred to as the heart of the home, especially during the colder months. Even if your fireplace is purely decorative, it can still be a focal point – just follow these tips from Air Treatment Company.

Pretend it’s real.

The most popular option for nonfunctional fireplaces is to decorate them as if they were functional. Fool guests by furnishing your fireplace with real logs (that will never be burned) and tools (that will never be used) that accent the theme of your home.

Install a decorative screen.

Fireplace screens can be ordinary, or they can be extraordinary. Forget the traditional mesh wire screen and opt for something a little more artistic – it could be just what you need to turn your empty fireplace from an eyesore to an eye-catcher.

Use it as a display box.

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to fireplace openings. Use this to your advantage by putting something on display. Paintings, statues, candles, family heirlooms, and houseplants can all add a personal touch to your home.

Turn it into a bookshelf.

You can never have enough storage space in your home, so use this opportunity to add more. Building a shelf or two across your fireplace is extremely easy, and can open the door for a wide variety of decoration possibilities.

Make your very own minibar.

Always wanted a bar in your home? Turn your dream into a reality with the help of your decorative fireplace. Hang up a bottle rack and line the mantle with cocktail glasses, shakers, bottle openers, and other bar essentials.

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