Ensuring You Always Have Hot Water

Fact: There’s not a single person who would want to start their morning off with an ice cold shower. And washing your dishes in cold water doesn’t do too well of a job getting rid of food particles and germs. Basically, you never want to be stuck without hot water.

But since you don’t control that magically on your own, how do you make that happen? When it comes to ensuring that you always have hot water, here are a few things you can do!

Change Up Your Shower Routine

A simple way you can ensure you always have hot water is by switching up you and your family’s shower routine. Instead of everyone taking 20-minute showers, skip the mid-shower daydreaming (we all do it) and cut the time down to 10 minutes, tops.

If possible, you could also change everyone’s shower schedule to give your water heater more time to produce more hot water. For example, if you have four people showering in the morning, try to have two people shower at night, instead, to break up the hot water usage.

Install a Low-Flow Showerhead

Low-flow showerheads work by lessening the amount of water that is emitted per minute. The more water your current showerhead releases, the faster you’ll use up the hot water in your tank.

Installing a low-flow showerhead can reduce your water usage by almost 40% and leave more hot water to use in your home.

Insulate Everything

It’s not uncommon for heat to escape your water heating system while it’s working — no machine is perfect. The thing is, when your water heater loses heat, so does the water itself.

To combat this, you should insulate your water heater tank to keep heat inside the tank — just make sure you don’t cover the heater’s thermostat. You should also wrap the pipes used to transport water throughout your home in foam insulation to serve the same purpose.

Flush the Tank

Over time, sediments can build up at the bottom of your water heater tank. If left unchecked, these sediments can cause major problems, such as:

  • Blocking Your Heating Element: This can prevent your tank from producing hot water at all.

  • Clogged Pipes: If the sediments make their way into the pipes of your water system, they can cause clogs and leave you with bigger problems than just a lack of hot water.

  • Explosions: If enough pressure builds up underneath the sediments, it can cause your water tank to explode.

At least once a year — twice is better — flush your water heater tank so you can get rid of the sediments — which keeps your heater in good condition, so that it provides you with enough hot water.

Don’t Ignore Repair Needs

If you know your water heater needs a new heating element or dip tube, get that repair made immediately. Ignoring it won’t make the problem go away. On the contrary, the problem will likely worsen over time and prevent your unit from delivering your home the hot water it needs.

However, it’s important to have any necessary repairs made by a professional. This ensures the parts are installed properly and the repairs are done as safely as possible.

Get a New Water Heater

Most water heaters are only designed to last about 8 to 12 years, maximum — so if your unit is celebrating its 15th birthday, no amount of maintenance or number of repairs is going to get it back to perfect condition. For older units that simply won’t improve with repairs, you’re better off getting an entirely new water heater.

You should also get a new water heater if your current unit is the wrong size for your family. While a small tank may be fine for a household of two, it won’t suffice for a family of five. You should do everyone a favor and invest in a larger, properly-sized unit.

When you're in need of water heater repair or replacement, just call the experts from Air Treatment Company at 703.270.0881. We provide the best water heater services in the business for homes in and around Fairfax County and the surrounding areas.

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